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The Everglades - What You Need To Know

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Focus Question:

River The year is 2010. The National Weather Service has studied the last decade's rainfall rates and the storm patterns over the Atlantic Ocean and has produced an alarming forecast: over the next 5 years, the Everglades- region will experience a 30-percent- decrease in the amount of rainfall it receives. But lack of rainfall is not the only challenge the Everglades faces. During the last century, the Everglades has been profoundly changed by increasing urban and agricultural activity. Humans have drained the wetland and created a complex canal and levee system, thus causing drastic changes in the ecosystem: shrinking populations of wading birds and the collapse of alligators' nesting activities.

How will your group respond to this serious decrease in rainfall? Create an action plan that will reduce the damage the long period of dry weather will cause to human and ecological interests.

Population Growth
County 1980 1990 Net Change in Number Net Change in Percent
Broward 1,018,257 1,255,488 +237,231 +23.3
Dade 1,625,509 1,937,094 +311,585 +19.2
Palm Beach 576,758 863,518 +286,760 +49.7
Which county gained the most people between 1980 and 1990? Which county gained the largest percentage of growth during that period?
Projected Range of Public Supply Water Use Per Day
(in millions of gallons)
County 2000 2010 2020
Broward 257.4 285.4 316.2
Dade 395.8 425.5 471.4
Palm Beach 253.1 305.0 338.0
Which county has the slowest rate of projected use of public water? (To answer this question, subtract the figure for 200 from the figure for 2020.)
Total Freshwater Withdrawn Per Day
(in millions of gallons)
County 1965 1970 1980 1990
Broward 173.13 184.35 235.58 266.53
Dade 287.80 276.47 440.45 490.55
Palm Beach 414.50 504.38 752.71 996.84
Palm Beach County's use of freshwater more than doubled between 1965 and 1990. Did Plam Beach County's population grow at about the same rate?

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Student Guide | Cape Cod | Everglades | Los Angeles | Download PDF

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