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Historical Photographs: Clarence King Portrait

Official oil portrait of Clarence King that now hangs in the corridor outside the Director's conference room at the national headquarters of the U.S. Geological Survey in Reston, Virginia. The painting supposedly was originally commissioned in 1902 by the USGS for $1200 from the artist George Howland, King's half brother. When the money was not forthcoming, Howland wrote King's old friend John hay who suggested that the Century Club should have it. It hung in the Club gallery for a time but was deemed inappropriate either because of a perception of artistic inadequacy or because King's clandestine marriage made him unsuitable. Hay, Henry Adams, and other friends raised $500 to compensate Howland, and the painting was donated to the U. S. Geological Survey (O'Toole, 1990). (U.S. Geological Survey)
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Clarence King Portrait