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January 22, 2004

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Roving Around Mars
Adventures in Exploring the Red Planet

By Devon M. Burr & Michael H. Carr, Planetary Geologists

Flyer: jan04flyer.pdf

February 26, 2004

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Life and Death of Hawaiian Coral Reefs
New Studies Track the Life Cycle of Maui's Changing Reefs

By Michael E. Field, Marine Geologist & Curt D. Storlazzi, Coastal Oceanographer
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March 4, 2004

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Mapping the American West
Clarence King and the 40th Parallel Survey

By James G. Moore, Geologist Flyer: mar04flyer.pdf

April 22, 2004

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Science, Society, and the Survey
50 Years of the USGS in Menlo Park

By David G. Howell, Geologist

Hear about some of the scientific highlights from 1954 to 2004 --

Flyer: apr04flyer.pdf

May 27, 2004

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Delta Revival -- Restoration of a California Ecosystem
Video presentation and discussion

Ecologist Jim Cloern will introduce the video Delta Revival, produced jointly by the USGS and the CALFED Bay-Delta Authority.

USGS Scientists wil answer your questions about this documentary, which shows:

Flyer: may04flyer.pdf

June 24, 2004

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From Strawberry Fields to the Ozone Layer
The Methyl Bromide Story

By Laurence G. Miller, Biogeochemist
Flyer: jun04flyer.pdf

July 29, 2004

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Secrets in Stone
The Role of Paleomagnetism in the Evolution of Plate Tectonic Theory Video Presentation

Presentation of the award-winning USGS video "Secrets in Stone" (35 minutes), introduced by Jack Hillhouse, Research Geophysicist, and followed by a tour of the USGS Paleomagnetics Laboratory
Flyer: jul04flyer.pdf

August 26, 2004

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Precipice of Survival
What is the Future of the Southern Sea Otter?

Featuring the new award-winning USGS video Precipice of Survival. The Southern Sea Otter by Stephen Wessells, introduced and discussed by sea otter researchers including Alisha H. Kage and M. Tim Tinker, Research Biologists
Flyer: aug04flyer.pdf

September 25, 2004

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The Winemaker's Dance
Connecting Geology and Wine in Napa Valley

by David G. Howell, Geologist Emeritus
Flyer: sep04flyer.pdf

October 30, 2004

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Hot Oil, Frozen Ground, and Earthquakes
The Trans-Alaska Pipeline story-- so far, so good!

by George Gryc, Arthur Lachenbruch, and Robert Page, Scientists Emeriti
Flyer: oct04flyer.pdf

November 18, 2004

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From Plane Tables to Pixels
The Revolution in Mapping at the U.S. Geological Survey

by Susan P. Benjamin, Research Geographer
Flyer: nov04flyer.pdf

December 18, 2004

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Probing Volcanoes
Advances in Understanding and Coping with their Hazards

by Robert L. Christiansen and Robert I. Tilling, Volcanologists
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